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We at Paws Pet want to be your go to site for your pet needs. We offer high quality pet carriers that are Airline Approved

. Our Pet Carriers are designed for maximum comfort and safety for your pet. You deserve to travel with as little stress as possible all while your pet travels in style and comfort. When your pet is comfortable and happy, so are you. Paws Pet Carriers are easy to clean, stylish, and travel friendly. We have several styles to choose from. Whatever your taste may be we strive to be your pet carrier supplier. 
Paws Pet Carriers also offers a variety of pet products from car carriers, shoulder carriers, pet beds, loungers and stairs. When your pet gets older or as a puppy a good set of stairs offers them an easier way to help them get to a favorite place to sleep . They are light weight and easy to move around. Our stairs come in colors and also Camoflage. Paws Pet Carriers strive to bring you and your pet safety and comfort to their daily routines.
Paws Pet Carriers has several shoulder carriers that are easy to use for hands-free walks with your pet. Your pet is comfortable and secure while you go about your everyday tasks. 
Our reverseable pet beds are comfortable and come in three sizes. You can choose what style or design suit you and select the size to fit your needs. 
Paws Pet Products has pet sofas that convert to loungers or chaise loungers for your pet.
Paws Pet Carriers has the Snuggle Bug Beds that double as a bed, but also a secure car carrier. This carrier fastens to your car seat so your pet travels securely and comfortably.
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Paws Pet Carriers offers FREE SHIPPING on all of our products.